Pilot is the pilot episode for the show Untalkative Bunny. It first aired as the last segment of the first Cartoon Sushi episode. It was later aired as the last segment of the 37th episode of KaBlam!.
In this episode, Untalkative Bunny receives a call from a telemarketer.


While Untalkative Bunny is sitting in his armchair, the phone rings. He wonders at first and then he goes to see who's calling. Lena, from the local newspaper was calling. She says to him, that she will talk as briefly as possible. She says that if he subscribes now to the local newspaper, he will receive it free for the first 4 weeks. She also says to him the benefits of reading it, rather that watching the news on TV, such as the fact that he can read other things, such as about fashion, sports and world events and receive lots of coupons. Next she asks him if she can take his address, so he can subscribe. Untalkative Bunny closes the phone as he can't speak, and the episode ends with him, sitting in his armchair, while hearing the phone ringing again.



  • High Heels - New Concept Orchestra (plays throughout)