Short Ears is an episode of the show Untalkative Bunny. In this episode, Untalkative Bunny's hair gets styled by Jordano.


Untalkative Bunny goes to the hairdresser's and meets up with Jordano. He suggests Bunny to first have a shampoo. Bunny goes there and during the washing of his ears, the girl washing them talks with him, about his "hair". After that, Jordano starts haircutting him. At the end, the hairdressers watch the final result, Bunny's ears getting short. Jordano says to him that he looks great, but he has lost his mirror.
Bunny comes home and starts realizing the change in his ears. He notices a squirrel, that eats its nuts inside Bunny's mirror. It realizes that Bunny is watching him and closes the inside of the mirror. Bunny, now able to see the change in his ears, starts doing anything to solve this problem. Squirrel sees a hairgrap in his ears and takes it off. Bunny's ears come back to their normal size and he thanks Squirrel.


Untalkative Bunny - Short Ears

Untalkative Bunny - Short Ears